Okay, so we want to publish a bunch of images, jokes and other stuff that’ll make you laugh. Of course, there are a few rules that we want to abide by here at Jokemail, so before you go sending us all kinds of stuff to upload, take a quick gander at our guidelines.

1. What kinds of jokes do you publish? – We publish just about any joke, funny picture, FAIL or Demotivational you care to imagine. Bizarrely dressed folks, cute animals, driving FAIL’s, funny graphs and other images are fine too. As far as rude porn goes, we’ll upload on a case-by-case basis, but we’ll try and keep it fairly clean… and if we do publish something quite explicit, then we’ll ensure you know about it before opening the post. The key thing here is, it has to be humorous. If it’s not intended to be funny, then it probably won’t see publication on our site!

2. What else won’t you publish? – Graphic images of death and destruction, the nature of which is particularly gruesome, will not be published. Photos of a car crash with bodies and limbs spread across the road with the word “FAIL” in the corner will not be published. We want to laugh and be amused, not be repulsed. Images of people and animals coming to harm in non-deadly ways, however, are okay, although they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Those wonderfully gross emails of people being shot, eaten by giant snakes, and alligator stomach contents are not required for submission, thankyou. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Autopsy, or faces of death.
  • Car accidents, truck accidents, or anything else unless it’s blatantly amusing of has a creative comedy element.
  • Explosions, or the result of explosions, in which graphic images are displayed of an un-humorous content.

3. What about jokes referring to people of alternate color, religion, sex or other taboo subject? – We will publish jokes about anything, including often taboo subjects such as racism, sexual deviancy and other subject matter some people might deem inappropriate. We do not consider ourselves a family friendly website, so if you’re upset by something we’ve published, then leave a comment and your view will be considered.

  • 3.1 Rude comedy material – The more extreme posts will be marked “NSFW”, or Not Safe For Work, which means, if you wouldn’t open it at work due to nudity or other objectionable content, then beware. Usually this involves comedy with nudity, either drawn or actual. Jokes with rudity will be marked NSFW and the images in question will not be displayed openly: you will get fair warning before stumbling upon Pamela Andersons knockers here…. If we think the content breaches Rule 1 and 2, however, with regards to objectionable content, then it will not be posted.

4. Can I send commercially available content to you? – Copyright material – we will endeavor to discriminate with regards to material that might breach copyright. If you find something on our website that you feel breaches intellectual or commercial copyright, please inform us via our comments and we’ll endeavor to ascertain the rights. We may not stop it all, but we’ll try.

  • 4.1 Copyright material – As in most things, if material is published that breaches copyright, those holding the copyright have the right to ask that said images or content be removed. If we publish something that you hold the copyright, either commercial or intellectual, to, and feel that we’ve overstepped the mark in publishing something, please let us know and we’ll gladly investigate your claim. Claims of breach of copyright will result in material being removed from our site.

5. Do you also publish video content? – At the moment, we are unable to publish videos here at Jokemail, however this may soon become a reality for us. Feel free to send us links to humorous YouTube, Vimeo, Google footage or other stuff you find online, and we’ll have a crack at getting them online in due course.

6. What rights do I have to remove or upload content to this website? And can I complain? –  All content is published solely at the website administrators discretion. Complaints will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and if you feel we have breached some level of good or bad taste, then we’ll review the online content. Essentially, you’re reading this website of your own volition, and if you don’t like something you have the right not to read it.

7. Chain emails and “forward this on and you’ll get good luck” – We don’t want them, we won’t upload them, and you’ll quickly find that we hate them with a passion. They’re simply not funny (unless they are a joke one!) and we will delete those kinds of things immediately.

8. Send us your stuff! – The more the merrier, and we couldn’t be happier to get some real chuckle-worthy material!!! Where possible we’ll tip our hat in your direction and mention you as the person who supplied the joke!

Content submissions, complaints and general faffery, can be made via   jokemailjokemaster@gmail.com