About Us

“Stay strange, be different, make a difference.”

Welcome to the Jokemail Website. Everyday at work, we are inundated with countless email, many of which are jokes and amusing pictures, videos and things of that nature. Here at Jokemail, we are going to have a shot at putting these hilarious, crude, rude and often disgusting email jokes up online! Plenty of amazing material is  posted, including galleries of strange, funny and weird images, as well as your daily de-motivational, a slice of sarcasm to complete the day!!!

Submissions to our site for content can be made via   jokemailjokemaster@gmail.com

For the governing rules for Jokemail, please see our FAQ page! There are some things we won’t publish, and you’ll find a list of them there.

Jokemail is run by a small number of like-minded individuals who enjoy a laugh, and we hope you do to. Feel free to register with us, bookmark our site, and better still, return to see what’s new every so often. You don’t need to comment, you don’t need to have an opinion, just have a laugh and you’ll have done what we hoped you’d do when you visited us. We’ll upload exceptionally regularly with new content, so every day will be a new comedy adventure with Jokemail. We will never promise quality, however, only to publish what arrives in our inbox.

And no, before you ask, we don’t need a bigger penis or another way to satisfy her, so all you spammer and junk mail cretins out there can just forget about it.

“Stay strange, be different, make a difference.”

That’s our motto here at the Jokemail offices, and we’re going to stick by that. And by that we mean making you laugh, or smile, or at least stop doing work for five minutes and check out or website.