Hilarious reaction to porn on national television…

A recent dancing segment in the Argentinian version of Dancing With The Stars (we think) made headlines for all the wrong reasons – two of the contestants engaged in what can only be described as soft-core porn while performing their routine. Now, the laws in TV-land in Argentina appear a bit flaky overall when it comes to sex and nudity, but what made us laugh out hysterically was the way that the broadcast continued to focus on the nudity (those lucky cameramen must have been drooling by the end of it) instead of cutting away – a shameless stunt designed to get more people watching, no doubt. Oh, and for even more laughs, check out the “horrified” host’s reaction when things get too much to handle….

Warning – VERY NSFW!!!

cinthia-fernandez-strips-on-dancing-2011 by EgotasticMedia

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