T: Right class, now I want you to all remember that now you’re in Big School. You’re not babies any more, so I don’t want to hear any baby talk from you. You’re big children now, so you’re all big enough to use proper words. You don’t tell me “I ate a sweetie, Miss”, you say “I ate a sweet”. You don’t tell me a dog is a “doggie”. Understand?

Chorus: YES, MISS.

T: Good. Now today we’re all going to tell everyone what we did on the weekend. And no baby talk. Use proper English, remember… Mary, tell the class what you did this weekend.

M: We all went over to my Nana’s on …

T:  Mary! Didn’t I just tell you? No baby words. You’re a big girl now, in big school (or I should rather say Primary School), and you must start to use proper English. I don’t want to hear any baby talk in this class. Does everyone understand that now?

Chorus: YES, MISS.

T: So what you did this weekend, Mary, was to go to your Grand-mo-ther’s house, all right? Let’s hear you say that.

M: We all went over to my … Grandmother’s house … to celebrate her birthday!

T: Well done, Mary! Very good! Frikkie; would you like to tell us what you did this weekend?

F: We went to the station my … Mother, my Father, and me … we went for a ride on a choo-choo!..

T: No! No! No! You went for a ride on a what? … Class?

Chorus: A train!!

T: You went for a ride in a what, Frikkie?

F: We went for a ride in a train, Miss.

T: Very good, Frikkie! Very good! You see how much better it sounds when you use proper English? … Johnny, what did you do this weekend?

J: I read a book. grinning smiley

T: A book?! Very good! Class, Johnny read a Book this weekend. Isn’t that clever? … What book did you read, Johnny? We’re all dying to hear, aren’t we?

Chorus: Yes!!

T: Come on Johnny, there’s no need to be shy about reading a Book! What book did you read?

J: Um… Winnie the Shit, Miss.

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