105 comments on “Missing Cat…by David Thorne

  1. Seriously, I’m trying to email you to tell you directly, but this is a terrible thing you’ve done. I’ve lost a cat and have been beside myself with fear and worry. The fact that you’d make light of that and be cruel to a person caring about the well being of her pet makes you a horrible human being.

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  4. @Din are you kidding me? A secretary asking a graphic designer to drop what he’s doing to make a “lost kitty” poster for her? What a joke.

    • OK- so this is supposed to be funny? Everyone pissed at the “secretary” for asking for a two minute favor. “David” doesn’t have enough time to make a two-minute poster, so instead he spends HOURS being sarcastic and downright mean with his fake posters. THAT makes sense. Sure, she could have used Paint or Word to make her own, but maybe she thought a graphic designer might make it more eye-catching (in a SERIOUS, helpful way), or could get it done faster than she could. Yes, I know this is supposed to be a joke, but I’m just not laughing at this pathetic attempt to be funny.

      First of all, you are insulting the work of “secretaries” or administrative/executive assistants who probably do more work than 5 graphic designers combined (I worked my way up from admin to graphic designer for a tradeshow company over the course of a few years- it’s not like I’m not speaking from experience), and you’re validating the stereotype that graphic designers are assholes with no heart. OK- so that last part is mostly true. Go fuck off and try writing a real joke.

      • Simply by saying you ‘worked your way up’ from secretary to graphic designer directly states that even in your mind, a ‘secretary’ is below a graphic designer. By insulting graphic designers you are also now insulting yourself?

        The way the two are acting says more about them as people, not their professions. Anyone who is incompetent and unkind will be incompetent and unkind despite the job they have.

        Way to be proud of your accomplishment of moving up from secretary to graphic designer. What’s next..sr graphic designer? (or is that sr. asshole designer)?

        • Actually, I’m a sr. asshole designer and you sir appear to have no idea of the level of focus and commitment it takes to design an asshole, much harder than graphics… jerk

      • Really??? My God!! It`s a JOKE!!!! If you don’t like it, why are you visiting this site…
        Besides… A Graphic Designer has a career!!!!! a secretary doesn`t!! and we actually work a lot!!!!

        Bitter person you are

      • give it a rest crazy lady, it’s a damn joke, it’s not real, no cats were harmed during the telling of that joke, you know why? BECAUSE IT’S A JOKE!

        lol You should seriously consider having that surgery so they can finally take that big stick out of your butt! get a life.

      • hey. i used to be a secretary too. maybe you’ll give me a call. talk about old times. catch up. what a wonderful thing that would be. i too believe that the enormous work of secretaries is underestimated so i started a band to loosen up… you should try it. it’s elevating.
        btw… i just loved the red hat! didn’t you?

        PS: don’t forget to call

  5. HAHAHA! This is the funniest thing I have ever seen! When you quoted her on the seccond poster I was on the floor. Great job!

  6. I do a joke list for cat people. Yours is going out to them just as soon as I finish this thanks you note.

  7. Really hysterical dude! Who does that lowly, stupid secretary think she is, anyway? Please! Asking a big-time graphic designer for a favor. Probably some dumb single mom that never even went to college.

    You should have told her it was you that killed the cat! That would have really made it funny, right!?

  8. Genious! My “cat-lady” sister forwarded this to me. I’m the cat hater. I can’t even sleep in my sister’s home due to the smell. But we’re best buddies otherwise. This is the most humorous exchange between the two types of people… because you either love them or are thoroughly disgusted by the little stinky creatures… There is no middle of the road!

  9. Tell me the college, single mom comment was a joke. Why would the women’s education or marital/parental status be reflected in her choice to ask a co-worker for a favor? Sure, it was extreme, but how does a somewhat extreme reaction to an emotional situation lead you to conclude that she probably never went to college or is a single mom? That would be similar to if someone read one of these comments and concluded that the commenter is a fucking idiot who has probably spent most of his life offending friends and loved ones alike through biased judgments and has yet to figure out that stereotypes, while in existence for a reason usually, are not actually applicable in the majority of situations. That reader would then wonder if that person has never met a college graduate who isn’t a single parent but is a fucking idiot, like himself. Key word: “wonder” -not assume.

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    • Sure do Judy, check out all of our David Thorne email chains by using the seach funtion in this sidebar. Welcome to jokemail!!!!

  11. Haha, it’s funny, but a bit cruel. I know, I have a cat myself. I really hope she found the cat.

    By the way, the first LOST poster really made me laugh.

  12. This is the funniest thing I have EVER seen on the web. I had tears and couldn’t speak for ages. My family was wondering what the hell was going on. Unfortunately the wife does not have same sense of humour.

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  14. It’s hard to stop laughing long enough to type this. I am a cat person and even when and if I lose a cat, I will find solace in this perfectly funny (no, Histerical) email exchange.

  15. Remembered this from months ago and just found it again on the web. I needed a laugh and knew this would do it for me. ROTFFPML!!

    LOVE this email exchange! God I hope it was a true story! How can people not find this shit funny?

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  17. I have two cats and I absolutely love this joke. Yes i would be heart broken, if my cat ran away. i would be in tears and all that. But to ask a co-worker who apparently she is not that close with to take away from his job to help is wrong. i could understand if you were close with the co-worker. That is why this makes this clever banter so funny. Wouldn’t you just give up after the first response? Nope she keeps on going and that is what makes this a classic.

  18. I am graphic designer myself… and this so clever and hilarious, but I must say I do love cats!!

  19. Me and two of my friends were sitting, reading this in our school. I was literally on the ground crying gasping for air in laughter which was exceedingly awkward considering we were in the library. The development of the missing cat poster had me in tears and honestly the red hat just sent me over the edge into a full-on-hilarity-orgasm. A sincere thank you for that David Thorne.

  20. This truly brightened my otherwise overcast day. Actually it’s 76 degrees outside right now, but you get what I mean. Exceedingly clever and hilarious!

  21. This is one of my favorites. I have 3 cats so I am a bit of a freak about cats but I also have worked with many designers through out my career and although not all of them are like David, you can’t help but love this guy. I lost a cat and had to create my own f’ing poster so the fact that he was even remotely helpful to the owner is honorable in my opinion. Actually the last photo with the red hat is perfect! I wish I would have had this talented designer help me with my poster because surely my cat angel would have been found!

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  23. I love cats and am a cat lover. And I think for shame for shame at you and am wagging my finger! This is one of the funniest friggin things I have read in a long time. (I was waggin the finger at the freaks with no sense of humor.)

  24. Do you have permission to use this article? Apart from mentioning Davids name there is no mention of this being the intellectual property of another website? There isn’t even a (obvious) direct link I can see to his site.

  25. Holy crap? how obscure can you get? are you serious about this? intellectual property of ‘comments’???????????????? weirdo!

    • Thanks Jessica! Pssst: you should forward stuff like this, because bringing people joy with laughter is better than hogging it all for yourself! ;)

  26. I’ve had this hidden in my file for a year now and whenever I need a really good laugh, I pull this out. Anyone who doesn’t think this is hilarious seriously needs a sense of humor. David Thorne is a diabolical genious…

  27. I have a pet. I love him to bits. He is family. Anyone that does not see the humour in this should see a psychiatrist ‘cos you’re in danger of spiralling!! Get a grip – this is hilarious.

    • I can’t believe that some people do not understand that this is humour and not real….of course it’s not funny to some and very funny to others. But the reactions to this from some people are very strange…..perhaps humour is not as widespread as we believe…sad eh?

  28. One of the saddest things that can be experienced is the loss of a loved one, each time I see the lost posters I get really upset. That said, this was freakin’ hilarious. It’s only a joke, these people are fictitious (from what I can tell) and nobody got hurt. Lighten up people!

  29. I was following along just fine until you did the “LOST” poster parody and laughed my ass off.
    To ANYONE taking this seriously – get over yourself.

  30. Ohhh, that kittie is so cute! Picturing it with it’s back legs run over crying “Shannon, where are you..?!” makes me want to cry! Or maybe it’s becasue I’m laughing so hard at the movie posters… I think I should have gone to sleep ten hours ago… **implodes**

  31. It’s difficult to find experienced people in this particular subject, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  32. David. You. Are. A. Freaking. Boss. I wet myself reading this last night, partly because it’s hilarious, partly because the toilet is downstairs and…i’m kind of scared of the dark. Anyway, that was really funny, even though i have a cat.

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  34. So, I am a long time graphic designer who works for a lot of non-profits run by menopausal old women who cant make up their fking mind and ruin brilliant designs and insult me saying my globe with photos looks like a basketball. Anyways- I read this jokemail bit once a month and laugh an inch from my screen everytime. JOKEMAIL: DO YOU HAVE MORE SARCASTIC TRANSMISSIONS from previous work, id lov eto see more. LOST was fking priceless!!!!

  35. This is the most hilarious thing! I have to read it in sections because I’m laughing so hard. I can’t even look at the cat at the end without cracking up.

  36. It is usually polite to link to the original source. This post was written by David Thorne at 27bslash6.com and you have just copied it from his website without any credit to the author.

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  40. As a graphic designer, I have to congratulate David Thorne for making a post which does hit on some verifiably true characteristics of graphic designers. We indeed tend to be fucking elitist assholes with ego issues and a contempt for ordinary folks. The client wants a poster of a missing cat that says that the cat is missing. Yet we would rather flaunt our creative abilities than just giving the client what is wanted. And we wonder why people would rather go to the photocopy shop guy who has a pirated version of Photoshop and Googled images.

  41. Funny as…I have two cats…I did the poster thing once when one went missing..she came back 3 days later…anyone who doesn’t find this funny needs to grow a sense of humour.

  42. To the cat lady. I think I found your cat . I recognised him from the hat he was wearing. He declined my offer of a lift home….says he’s old enough to be stopping out for the night. He says not to wait up for him and can you leave his dinner out for him.

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