The WalMart gang is back…

Oh. My. GOD!

I love it when you call me big pop-pa. Throw your hands in the air, if youse a true player.

I honestly can’t think of a good place or situation to wear these. I want to say 1987 but that still feels like a wrong answer.

Hey there dandelion, how ’bout you make a better effort in covering up your tulips?

You plan on stuffing someone into a woodchipper there Fargo ?

It’s only fitting a gem like this is spotted in the crafts aisle. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to lie down because I’m getting lightheaded.

How do you make jorts better? You pair them with a camo shirt. How do you make the jorts/camo shirt outfit better?
You class it up with another pair of tighter jeans, high heels, and a studded belt. Work it Baby!!

Hey buddy, while you are on your cool bluetooth could you call the optometrist for me because you have permanently screwed up my vision.
You might as well make an appointment for yourself while you’re at it because it’s obvious that you can’t see either.

This guy looks like he could roundhouse kick you from 3 aisles away. If I’m going to forward this pic to Mortal Kombat,
we are gonna need a name for him.

The real lady marmalade…..not the sexy french song version, the fruit preserve.

I think we are just as confused as he is. Seriously, get off the fence and pick one side or the other.

Okay, I see the boots with the fur, now if you could just go ahead and add them apple bottom jeans I think we would all thank you.
Although I do see that boots with shorts obviously runs in the family.

Instead of busting through the wall screaming “OH YEAH” she just kinda stumbles out of your bathroom
with a 2 inch ash hangin’ off a lit cigarette and a rolled up newspaper coughing up last night’s bourbon..

It’s official, we have our first member of the PoWM Hall of Fame! Dude is cool, and he always has a guaranteed spot on PoWM.

Winter clothes checklist: hoody, obnoxious fur boots, booty thong….check, check, and check.
Now to find something that goes with a tramp stamp and under-cheeks.

Excuse me ma’am, if you want to head back to automotive we can have that spare tire fixed up in a jiffy.

Nope, you don’t look like a hooker at all.

Dude’s got a raccoon on his head. Let me repeat that…..DUDE’S GOT A RACCOON….ON HIS HEAD.
Somebody tell Davey Crockett here he is supposed to skin it first, then put him in a Lysol bath.

There are only 2 acceptable reasons to have your pig in Walmart. (1) You have somehow obtained a trained seeing-eyed pig (if so, good for you)
and (2) to let the pig run around loose as you chase it with a knife dressed as a butcher to mess with all the other customers

Man, when did backpacks start becoming so crazy? What’s that? Oh, it’s an iguana on his back!!

That seems necessary.

That’s pretty “gutsy” of her to just form the line wherever she pleases in complete disregard of the sign.

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